This iteration of An Event manifested as an exhibition at Success in Fremantle from the 20th of June to the 28th of July 2016.
An Event is an investigation into the speculative potential of inserting fictional narratives into the history of Western Australia.

O: Is it though?

K: I’m not sure…

O: One thing I am interested in is disrupting ideas of research-based practice.

G: I am interested in how fiction might be a tool for navigating cultural landscapes.

K: I am interested in fiction too, but for different reasons maybe.

G: Thank you (person who is reading this) for coming to our show. I couldn’t make it. I was going to catch a cargo ship over because I’m concerned about my carbon footprint, but then I didn’t because it would have cost a lot of money and taken a long time. 

O: I’m sad you didn’t Giles that would have been a cool thing to add to the show.

K: Yeah me too, but I do get not wanting to be on a ship for three months.

G: I was going to make a science fiction movie about my journey on the ship but instead I invented this band called Pluto Gang. 

K: The band is still cool though. I like the band.

O: Hey (person who is reading this) are you standing in the office yet?

K: You can play with the computer if you like…

G: And touch things…

O: Touch the things in the office.

K: But not in the gallery because those things are imaginary.

O: Yes the person in the office is imagining the things in the other areas of the gallery.

G: And things that are imaginary aren’t real so you can’t touch them.

K: Some people think you’re not real.

O: We tried to tell them that you are real.

K: But they didn’t believe us.

G: I’m not sure that it matters if I’m real or not.

K: Hey (person who is reading this) If you really want to know if Giles is real maybe you should Google it. 

O: Maybe we should mention what is happening outside the office?

K: I suppose we should even if the things that are happening aren’t real.

G: I like how orange the gallery is.

K: It looks like a Cheezle. 

O: It’s meant to look like a set for a movie or something.

G: I saw some photos and I think it looks like a gallery with the floor painted orange.

K: There are things in it now though.

G: What kind of things?

K: There is a big monolith and some rocks and a flag and some prints and some other things.

O: There is some bones and some fake rocks and some real rocks and some sand and some tvs in the roof. 

G: That’s pretty cool. 

K: I think the kind of movie that might happen in that part of the gallery is something between Indiana Jones and Wake in Fright. 

O: That sounds horrible.

G: To be honest most of Australia sounds pretty horrible and really beautiful at the same time, although I’ve only seen it in pictures.

O: Just because it sounds horrible doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be an interesting film. Although I think the movie that could happen in that part of the gallery is something more like Wolf of Wall Street combined with Billy Madison combined with an old tourism advert for Western Australia, and it would be a B movie and also be educational about geology. 

K: Maybe both films would use the set and only die-hard fans of both franchises would notice.

G: That happens quite a lot in Hollywood, re-using sets.

O: Do you see the darker space as a sequel to the film from the orange space?

G: I see the darker space as ground zero of a nuclear explosion. 

K: When bombs explode in the desert they turn the sand to glass.

G: Maybe that’s why they blew them up on islands off the coast of Western Australia instead. 

O: Maybe, or maybe they just really hated turtles. 
K: Hey (person who is reading this) what film do you think would happen in the gallery space?

G: Keeping in mind that whatever it is is just being dreamed up by the person who owns the office.

O: Who does own the office?

K: An person investigating whether or not UFO sightings around Hutt River are real or not, but when they start investigating they uncover an elaborate conspiracy and it sends them crazy.

G: A member of Pluto Gang who had to get an office job to make ends meet in his mid-thirties and now his political beliefs are being compromised by his participation in the mechanisms of the capitalism, and all of this makes him very depressed so he day-dreams about the desert where he grew up, and the adventures he had there, and the adventures he imagined that he would have there. 

O: I kind of thought it was a hobbyist researcher who has a kind of casual interest in some aspect of Western Australia, but through their weekend research they have accidentally uncovered some fragments of the Event and they are not sure how to react to this. 

K: What even is the Event?

G: A nuclear explosion of some kind.

K: A meteor impact.

O: I thought it was something we can’t event classify, like a black hole or something